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Hello David. I see that when people ask you questions about apply for a husband petition for green card, you always ask if they have been involved in criminal activity. Ex. using someone elses ss#. My questions is I have heard that if you are in the process of becoming legal and have used ss# to work that all is forgiven. Ive even heard that they will even put the money you paid in taxes to your legit one after you become legal? Am i wrong? Or is there a difference of circumstances. Thank you soo much!  

You are wrong.  ANYONE caught using some else's social security number has committed Identy Theft and it is FELONY.
Fraud is a deportable offense.  Anyone with a 'green card' can be deported if it is found that they at anytime committed identity fraud.
There is no provision for a criminal to recoup social security taxes they paid into someone else account.
Do you realize the devastation done to an innocent citizen by a foreign national who uses that person's SSN?  It is a nightmare that takes years to correct and thousands of dollars in legal expenses.  I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone involved in identity theft and believe they be aggressively prosecuted, serve long sentences, then deported with no chance to return to the US.

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