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QUESTION: i have a multiple visa (tourist visa), and i just visit los angeles last october 18 and back to philippines on march 19 but i arrived march 21, i would like to visit again a new city which is sanfrancisco also in california, i would like to know if i can go back to visit san francisco after 3 months i stay here in philippines to spend summer in states? thank you
ANSWER: It should not be a problem. You obviously do not need to go back to tthe Embassy if your visa is good for 10 years. They can technically ask you a lot of questions when you get here and if it appears to them that you want to stay forever they can deny your entry but I do not think this will happen.



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QUESTION: thanks for the answer, all i wan i to travel and try to experience 4 season in states, ive already tried the 3 season and iw ant to spend summer there coz im taking up my amster degree here in philippines, and yah i dont have  any idea or plans to live in states, its a new adjustment if thats the case, i just want to spend summer there with my friends and relatives and back to philippines after a 1 1/2 month. so is there any exact months how long do i need to say first here coz my school will start this october.

thank you very much

Sounds like a credible reason for your visit. There is no magical amount of time you need to stay home before coming back here. It just depends on the officer that greets you and his mood and his questions and how truthful he thinks you are being.



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