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I have an immigration question, I have a 31 year old male canadian friend coming down to live with us.  What has to happen for him to find a job, does he need a greencard, and if so how do we go about getting him one, and about how long will it take to process and everything before he can actually go out and get work.  Can he just come down from canada, and start work immediately, or apply for a greencard, and try to find work in the meantime, how does all this work, thank you.
If it helps you just explain whatever you can about it the best you can, that would be enough.

Your Canadian friend, unless he already is a permanent resident of the United States, will be entering the US as a non-immigrant.  As such, non-immigrants are NOT allowed to work in the United States, nor can they just "live" in the United States...they have a time line, usually 90 days to 6 months.  WARNING - getting caught working or over staying the length of the visa, can and will result with arrest and deportation from the US...ending any chance of immigrating.
TO become a Resident of the US, your friend needs to be sponsored by an immediate relative or sponsored by an prospective employer due to skills unavailable in the US work force.

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