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Please give me advise as what should I do in this unique situtaion.I apply I-485 through marrying a US citizen. I have not received decision after the second interview on November 29, 2006. My first interview was on June 15, 2006.  I was out of of status for more than 10 years when I got married.

I want to visit my sister who is in intensive care. If I leave the country, can I come back?Can I use the decision, if approve, coming back to USA, while I am at oversea? What should I do/apply for reentry US before I leave US if I have not received decision prior my departure?
Or please give me your best advise. One thing for sure, I need to go back to my home country with or without the approval decision.

Please advise. Thank you

If you have been here more than 6 months illegally before filing I-485 you can not leave before you get approved or you will be subject to a 10 year bar. If you have not been here illegally for more than 6 months before filing I-485 you still can not leave without applying for and receiving advance parole or they will deny your adjustment.



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