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Immigration Issues/regarding change of status-L-2 to h1-B


i am from india planning to go to U.S in L-2 .After reaching their i will be applying for EAD. Also i will be applying fo change of status from L-2 to H1-B.
1) any problem if i do this parallely
2) is change in L-2 to h1-B is subjected to H1B cap.if the quota is getting over by this april and am reaching by may ,will it be a problem.
3)Also do i need to go back to india for again H1-B stamping.Currently i hold an H1-B stamping got last month,but that employer  will not give me any job

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Change to H is subject to cap. You can work for H employer after you get EAD until 10/1/07 when H-1 will kick in, if you do change of status after getting EAD. Once change of status is approved you do not need to make a special trip back but must go back on first trip out of U.S.



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