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Many thanks for this opportunity.
I write from Luanda, the Rep. of ANGOLA's capital city, and I have beeen trying to get news about a relative of mine who was immigrant in Canada since 2001 until October of 2004 when the legalizing process there failed.
So the canadian authorites notified him to leave and he went to U.S. where he since November of 2004 he no longer phoned to us. He was advising me that he would leave Canada and face a risky situation in the U.S. and since then we have never changed any phone call...
I would like to know how is it possible for an immigrant to be jailed for so long, without any possibility to contact relatives!?
What can we do know exactly what is going on ?
Please help me!

Foreign nationals who are detained in the United States for Immigration violations, have access to communication...mail, telephones, and in some cases email.  Foreign nationals are rarely detained more than a month pending a decision on their immigration case.
However, your relative may have been arrested by authorities of another jurisdiction.  In this case, depending on the crime can be held for an indeterminate amount of time.  All prisoners in the United States are entitiled to phone calls...

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