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I entered the USA on 1999 with a visitor visa and overstayed it, got cought by immigartion officials last september and got out of jail with a bond, after almost 5 months I heard nothing from them till now, got my judge hearing may 1st... I just got married to an American citizen not long ago and we are trying to fill paperwork, should we fill everything out like any other petitioner? or my case is different? if so, what should i do? what forms should I fill and what are the odds that I can stay in the usa? i never had any problems with police or anything. thank you!!!!!

Your husband should fill out a petition for an immediate relative (I-130) and you should fill an I-485 change of status.  When you go to court, and the judge determines you have a valid marriage, he will likely delay any decision pending approval of the relative petition.  Keep in mind, your marriage validity will be scrutinized by the investigations bureau as many people in your position try to circumvent the situation by marriage of convenience, which is a felony.  In this case, both spouses face incarceration for a minimum of 5 years.  But, if your marriage is valid, the possibility of you remaining in the US is good.

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