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My question is that I am a citizen and I married an illegal alien 7 years ago. One year after receiving his green card, he went back to visit his home country and cheated on me (this was 2 years ago). Later he told me the reason he went there was to find a girlfriend. In a month or so he will be going back again to "visit". He does whatever he wants to do no matter what I think or say. He is shipping a car there as well before he leaves. We have two kids together. I am thinking about filing for divorce but I want to know if I can take away his green card or at least suspend his rights? I gave him his rights and I want to take them back. The only proof that I have that he had a girlfriend are his phone bills. How does it work? What proof do I need to have that he used me for his rights? Any advice would be helpful!

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Unless there is proof that the only reason he married you was to obtain a green card the USCIS is unlikely to revoke the green card.  Unfortunately, many marriages go bad and many husbands (wives too) cheat.  This is true even when both husband and wife are US citizens.  It sounds as if the marriage has failed but it also sounds as if you were married for years before it started to come apart.  I doubt that USCIS would find this a reason to revoke a green card.

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