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i want to apply under 28 category for hsmp. i m now 25 yrs old. i have completed my graduation in commerce stream in 99, after that i have completed my post graduation degree in computer application in 2000. and doing job since last 6 yrs. since last one and half year i m working as project incharge in IT field. there are 70 person in diffrent level working under me. my project include technical skill like networking with cisco microsoft product in software oracle and cctv technology

iwant to know weather i get 50 point for my exp because i m from india and i cant get any point for that so what is ur suggetion weather i have to go for this visa.

Thank you for the question.

To score 50 points for work experience you need to demonstrate "at least 4 years graduate level work experience, including at least 1 year in a senior or specialist role" I cannot say if your situation qualifies under this rule without knowing the exact details and duties of your job. What will be looked at is things like your level (grade) within the company - your grade in relation to number of employees, size of company etc.

If you wish to argue on the basis of specialist skill, it would be necessary to show there are very few people who can do your job, that it takes specific training and qualifications to do the job.

One thought - with a masters degree, you score 25 points, with over 4 years work experience you score another 35 giving 60 total. You only need 5 more. Do you score on income grounds? Do you have any published work, perhaps a patent or other thing which would show you have made significant achievement in your chosen field? Or do you have a partner (not necessarily a wife) who has a degree and with a joint application could give you a further 10 points? If any of these apply, then it doesn't matter about scoring 50 points for work experience.

Hope this answers your question, feel free to ask again if you need more help

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