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hi Alexander, i'm 19 years old and currently living in scotland, i want to move to Los Feliz LA in september 2006, i have no family in America and plan to move only with my best freind (also scottish) and i was wondering firstly about how to obtain a greencard and secondly where i'd go to get it... and also how good or bad a chance i have of getting one? thanks

Well I think you are going about this the wrong way.  You should first try to find out a legal way to stay, before planning on coming to stay.

Otherwise, you are going to have to violate our immigration laws.  I don't think I would be treated very nicely if I did the same in the UK.

Now there are essentially 2 types of visa:  employment based and family.

If you have a professional degree (which I doubt yo have at 19 years of age), then you may be able to find a job that would allow a visa sponsorship.  

If you are willing to invest 50,000 USD or more in a business here, you may be able to get a visa that way (not a green card, but permission to work in your business).

If you have some kind of remarkable ability in the arts, sports, or science, you can a visa that way.

The only remaining visas are family, and you either have a father or mother who can petition for you, or you can marry a US citizen and have your wife petition for you.  Many do this, but Scotland cannot be THAT BAD!!!!!!  

Best of luck.

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