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Hi David,

My name is Audra and I have a question regarding shipping goods that have been confiscated by U.S. Customs across the border.  My boyfriend shipped some 222's (tylenol) to my cousin in the United States and they were seized by US customs.  We didn't know they were not allowed as they are allowed here.  What are the repercussions for us as shipper and my cousin as recipient?


we sent 3 bottles of 200 pills each.......value is $36 Canadian


p.s.  we've never done anything wrong or illegal's just aspirin......had no idea it wasn't allowed
Answer -
What thing you forgot to mention...what was the quantity and the value?

Were these pills shipped through the mail or in a vehicle and found as you crossed the border?
It sounds to me like an issue with declaration or failure to declare.
Tylenol is not a prohibited drug, so I am no sure what the situation is...particularly with cryptic information.  There seems to be more to this story.
As far as penalties...again, I have to guess.  Possibly a $50.00 fine for failure to declare...but I just do not know not knowing all the particulars.

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