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Hi Iam British and have been married to my American husband for 2.6 yrs and I still have my H1B visa.  

2 questions.
1.I work with my EAD since we filed in 2005.  But my sponsoring modeling agency says my H1B visa is still valid and I HAVE to continue my modeling services with them.  Is this true?

2.  At the interview will they ask us questions about our sponsors as we paid extra for our lawyer to find us one for the affavidit of support?

Also we had no friends at our last minute wedding.  We grabbed a couple to witness but we dont know their names. How can we find their name out?  I assume we will need to know this.  

For immigration purposes you do not need to work for them, but you may be breaking your contract by not working for them. Immigration may not care but the modeling agency may sue you for damages for breach of contract if you signed one. They may ask you who your financial co-sponsor is but if you say a friend they probably not delve into it much more. They may or may not ask you who the witnesses are. It would only come up if they look at your album and ask who the faces are. It really does not matter what names you give them as long as you sound confident in knowing who they are. Most officers do not ask who the co-sponsor is and who the people are in the photos. Some just say "pick out 2 photos from the album that I can keep, one from the wedding and one from after."

Good luck.


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