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Hello Robert,
I have looked through your site and found it a wonderful thing and I personally thank you for taking the time to write to everyone and hopefully also to me.

BACKGROUND: I am an Australian citizen, arrived here on a waiver about 9 months ago.
My husband and I fell in love and got married about 5 months ago and we are in the process of my citizenship. We have filed all the papers and I have just gone to give my fingerprints.

PROBLEM:My husband just recently got arressted for something I am shamed to write and will most likely go to jail. I do not know how I am supposed to deal with this, and how this is going to affect my immigration status.I am waiting for my work permits and we haven't had the interveiw yet. What should I do at the interview and the continuation of the filing process.
Please tell me what are my options. Needless to say that divorce could be a considered option.

Thank you so much for your time.

Although it may be painful, you need to give me more details regarding your husband's arrest. What was he arrested for?

Generally, as long as he can go to the interview that they schedule for you, it will not be a problem. If he is incarcerated at that time, you will have to seek an adjournment until he is out of jail. The case can not be processed without you being interviewed together.

If you get divorced, your case will be over.

If you would like to discuss this in greater detail, you can also call my cell at 516 984 0086.



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