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  I am a U.S. citizen about to submit several forms to apply for permanent residency for my wife (as of 9/19/04). The forms (I-485 among others ) I downloaded from have an expiration date in the upper right corner . The form I have says "expires 5-31-05" . ***Should I not use this form ? ***
**Also, My wife has been in the U.S for over 7 years , legally, since 6/11/98 . Does that make her eligable to become a citizen of the U.S. for that reason alone ?
*** She is an asylee from Indonesia (granted 9/30/1999) . Which way would be quickest for her to gain permanent residence (green card) status , filing as an asylee ,
or having me file for her as my wife (the wife of a U.S. citizen) ?   -thank you for your time , Bob  

Yes, you use that form.  It just came out 4/22/2005.  I think the date at the top has to do with the OMB.  Probably would be faster for your wife to get a green card based on her marriage to you, but I would need to review the case to be certain.  Your wife needs to get a green card before she can apply for citizenship.

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