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I am a current student 20 years of age with a graduation date of june, 2007. I am currently on an h4 visa under my dad who is employed. I turn 21 years of age this july and thus will not be able to continue under the green card process since we are behind a specific stage. I will most likely have to change my status to F1 in order to stay legal in the United States. My question is what happens when i graduate? how easily is it to recieve an H1 visa being 21 out of college? any suggsetions?

Thanks a lot!

You are an H4...and going to college?  Green Card process? based on what? Interesting.
Upon expiration of your father's H visa, your visa expires as well.  You will need to return to your home country and apply for a new visa based on your purpose for coming to the US.  you do not qualifiy for an H1

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