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I am 20 years old turning 21 in may so i know my time is runing out. I have lived in the US for most of my life. I am a Canadian citizen. My dad has been working in the US for the last 12 years on various L1 and H1-B visas leaving me with the lovely I-94. Is there nothing I can do to get a green card or be able to stay. So far all I know is that the only way to get a green card is through employment, family sponcership or marriage. Is there nothing in the American law that protects the people who were brought to the US as young children and who grow up American. I was even sent to represent the US on a government scholarship from Congress called the Congress-Bundestag as an exchange student to Germany. PLease tell me if there is something I can do. How is it that the US allows people who know nothing about its country, laws, history and even language are allowed to immigrate from various countries but I who have grown up in the country where the government has also paid for my public education won't let me stay? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me with some answers. Everywhere else I have looked just doesn't seem to know how to handle my situation

I am unclear how it was possible for you father to stay in the US for 12 years in H and L status.  The maximum status that can be given is 6 years in H-1B, 5 years in L-1B and 7 years in L-1A and all status in any of these visas counts toward the limit.  After the limit is reached the person must stay out of the US for at least one year.

In any event, if you went to school you may be able to stay but in that case you would need to convince USCIS that you intend to return to your home country when your schooling is over and this does not appear to be your intent.  You may be able to get a temporary visa of some type (depending on your qualifications, education and experience) but that seems somewhat unlikely given your age and probable resources.  

Since your Father apparently did not apply for a green card based on employment (if he had you could have adjusted as a derivative beneficiary), you will probably be left with no alternative but to return to your home country when your visa status expires.

You would need to schedule a formal consulation to determine if there is any possibility.  You have a pretty good idea as to the path to a green card and the required basis.

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