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I am a US Citizen--my husband came to the US on a student visa and last december we married. He is not currently enrolled in school because we did not have enough money to pay for his semester, because he has to pay international fees. Just today I mailed out his paper work and was wondering about how long the process would take. I sent out the I-130, I-485, and I-765 along with the G-325a's and affidavite of support. Will he be penalized for not having been enrolled in school for this past semester and being in the US? it has not been the 180 days since he last was enrolled. Also, I was curious as to what might be some reasons the requests might be denied.

He should be good to go. The 180 days only comes into play if he leaves the country prior to getting green card anyway. Did you send in his medical and vaccinations? How long it takes depends on where you live and thus where he interviews.



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