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i would like to obtain 3 or 4 temporary work visas for people in the Ukraine, to help me with my business as a vendor at fairs and other events, we are registered as a religious non profit corporation and raise money to bring prisoners to Christ (American inmates here in USA) i had a guy in the next concession tell me he gets people from a similar country to help with his concession, but the visas come from some group ,he couldn't remember the name of at the time. i would be able to hire a law firm to assist, infact a firm in Minneapolis was suppose to send me information , but that was 2 months ago, any help you can provide is greatly appreciated , thank you

I am afraid this is a much more complicated question than it looks.  If these workers are coming to the US just for temporary work in sales, it might really be easier to avoid the "temporary work" option entirely, and just hire them through a foreign company on a contract basis.  They will need temporary B1/B2 visas, but if the project is legitimate it should not be too difficult.

If you want to hire them as "full time" employees, your options are rather limited.  They will need to be college graduates, and your entity will need to sponsor them

There is finally something called the Temporary Religious Worker.  This is an odd visa and it has been many years since I looked at it, but the Temporary Religious worker does not need to be ordained so much as the sponsoring entity must be a legitimate church/religious entity.  This visa can lead to a permanent Religious Worker visa if the foreigner can obtain ordanation within the period he or she is in the USA working for a church.

Good Luck.

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