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Thank you David, I have the info. which you provided on VAWA, but my question is :

Why would immigration would count my I-130 petition when I have my VAWA approved and justr because of my ex-husband's fault, why would they punish me. when I have I-360 approved then why they have to keep bringing out skeletons from I-130 which are not even mine. If I get denied for that issue in my I-485 and yet I have my VAWA approved.
Second where can I file complain for the officer who was rude to me in interview and he showed prejudice. Please guide me for above questions. I already know that VAWA need plenty of papers which I have all evidence. Yet the immigration officer is kind of rigid and he is not showing at all co-operation.


Calm have an approved I360, the I-130 is being used as reference to substantiate your claim.

As far as the officer, I don't know what transpired however Immigration Officers can be very synical based on the amount of fraudulent claims they are presented on a daily basis by foreign nationals trying to take advantage of the benefits system.  AS long as you can prove your claim, you shouldn't have a problem.  

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