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hello david!
I am 34 years old.
citizen of israel .
I was married to an american citizen for 5 years.
I have never been arested.
my file is in texas,cause that's the main immigration center for atlanta ga.
thank you for helping me,
dov weiss

Your age
Country of Citizenship
How you obtained permanent resident status
When you obtained permanent resident status
Have you had ANY arrests in the United States or your homw country
Why is you file in Texas

You didn't answer this question  When did you obtain permanent resident status?

You do not gain a right for citizenship, it is a privilege and will not be granted unles you meet all the criteria.  Although you are married to an American Citizen, this does not convey any special rights including speeding up the clock.  <<In reading your statement again...are you still married?  You said 'was' I am curious.  Your information is pretty sketchy, and I wonder how forthright you are being with the information.>>

I am guessing here, but I assume your wife petitioned for you shortly after your marriage.  It took about to two years to get your permanent resident status.  You must wait a minimum of 5 years after that to apply for naturalization.

And no Texas is not the main center for Atlanta, Ga.  The file is at NRC  National Records Center.  Atlanta CIS is responsible for getting your file.  

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