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Robert, I want to thank you for what you do here.  

I've been reading the questions here and I am slightly confused.  I have a girlfriend in Belarus, we have known each other for a year and half and have been corresponding by email, telephone and post letters.  We met in Prague last December and now we would like to have a life together.  I have heard, and have seen you recommend, to just have them come here and to just get married then file the paperwork after.  But another answer further down the list added some doubt.  So i apologize if i am asking the same thing, yet again.  So if she were to come here for a short trip a few weeks to a month and we elope within that short of time, is that opening a whole mess of trouble?  

Thank you for your time and expertise.

As long as you wait 60 dfays after entry to get married she will be fine. Otherwise they could say she committed visa fraud by coming here on a tourist visa knowing she wants to stay forever. After 60 days she can always say the idea to stay forever came about after she entered.



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