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Immigration Issues/transfer of L-2 to H1


can you please tell me whether transfer is possible because am very much interested to work for that X employer i mentioned in the question
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i am having an L-2 visa.when i went for the L-2 interview the consulate officer has cancelled my H1B stamping i got it last month sponsored by employer if i go to U.S in L-2 can i change my status to H1 if the employer X offers me ajob because i am already having H1B petition got last month and only stamping is cancelled. if so how much time it will take for transfer.

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Just to U.S. with L-2 and apply for work permit and then you can work anywhere and renew it every year while spouse is on L-1.



Right now you have L-2. An filing for H-1 is subject to the cap. You could not work in H until 10/1/07. It is easier to come on L-2 and file for work permit which will take 3 months and you would then be able to work anywhere including company x.



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