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I am a UK citizen who has started a relationship with an American citizen. I would like to come to the States for a few months to see if the relationship works in an every-day context. I was wondering if I could visit for 90 days on the visa waiver programme, then return to the UK briefly and come back for another 90 days? I have already spent some weeks in the States this year and can't seem to find any information regarding whether or not there is a limit to the number of days one is allowed to stay in the States per year on this programme. I work from home using my laptop so could continue to work while in the States. Would I be allowed to work for a British company while on a tourist visa? Alternatively I was thinking of taking a sabbatical or transferring to our American subsidiary company, in which case I think I would need a different type of visa. Would you recommend any one of these options? I should state that I work part time and that I have the means to provide for myself if I don't work.
I would appreciate any advice you could give me.
Thank you.  

If you are a manager or executive, it would be best to transfer to the subsidiary here on a L-1 visa. Then you will get a 3 year stay here and can file for a green card either through employment or marriage. There is no written limit on visa waiver stays but the more trips you take and the less time you stay there, the more likely the problem.

If you get a B-1 visa you can work here as long as you remain on a British payroll.


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