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i entered the u.s in june 1997 with a 90 days visitor visa with a french passport. at the time i was 15 years old and due to family isues i overstayed for 2 years. Left the country in 1999 for 2 months and when it was time to go back to the States, i was given a U.S ground entry denial. i was not given a 5 or 10 year ban. just a denial. the immigration officer told me at that time that being a french citizen could not allow me to enter the u.s without asking a visa anymore. I would have to ask for a visa like other nationalities do.
Now i'm 24 years old, finished my studies, have a job...and i would love to go back to the united states for tourism and maybe even for business. So, i would like to know is there is any way i can clear up my situation? i don't want to ask for a visa everytime i want to travel. Can they consider the fact that i was a minor at the time? If so, what would i have to do? If not, is aplying for a visitor visa my only option? thanks for your answer!!!

They have it in the system that they rejected your re-entry in 1999. This disqualifies you from the visa waiver program. You must apply for a visa to enter. Visitor's visa is the only option for your desire to tour. You may qualify for a work visa depending on your worka nd educational background.





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