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I worked illegally outside campus while I was a full-time F-1 student. The illegal job lasted 3 months. I never got caught but I just decided to quit the job. Since then I never violated my status.
I understand I violated my F-1 during that 3 months. But what was my status after I stopped this work, if USCIS found out later? Was I back to legal F-1 status as soon as I quit working illegally? Or was I out of status since the first day of my illegal work till now (even though I had been approved of J-1 and H-1 later)?
Thanks again for your help! I truly appreciate it.

You were technically out of status from the 1st day you worked. If you marry a citizne to get your green card, it will not matter. If you apply through any other method it may be a problem if they find out, which is not likely.



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