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Hello Good day.. I'm quite concern about my upcoming interview. My husband is in active military (navy) and he was deployed last week. My interview was set on June in which obviously he cannot go to. He already provided me his deployment orders but I'm still troubled on how this will affect my interview. He was my boyfriend way back when he was still in the Philippines and we have a daughter. When he came to the US, I followed him (i have a tourist visa) got married then came back to the Philippines. After 8 months I came back to the US(using my tourist visa) and stayed until now. He'd been really busy working in the navy that's why applying for my petition got delayed. I've been staying here in the US for years illegally and I wanted this interview to be successful no matter what coz I haven't seen our daughter for 3yrs.

You generally can not be approved without him. However, the supervisors of the green card units are usually pretty lenient with military persons. They usually allow you to give them short notice of when he will be back and will reschedule an interview for that time.



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