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Immigration Issues/Can I use my B1/B2 visa to my husband on L1


QUESTION: My husband is currently at Atlanta on a L1 visa. I have a 10 yr B1/B2 visa without any annotations (no company name specified on the visa). I have used this visa for business trips twice. Can I now use my B1/B2 visa to visit my husband for a couple of months? If yes, What documents will I need to enter US?
ANSWER: Why are yu against gettting an L-2 visa that would allow you to visit and get work permission?

You can try making an entry to visit him, but there is a chance they will ask many more questions then if you had an L-2.



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QUESTION: Will my 10 yr multiple B1/B2 get cancelled if I apply for my L2 visa? I don't want to lose my B1/B2 visa.  

They can potentially cancel it but they may not. IOf they cancel it, they would do so without predjudice so that you could apply again for B1/B2 when your husband's L-1 runs out if he has not applied for a green card in the meantime.



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