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Hi  MR . Hollander

 i am a permanent resident of united states for 34 years and would like to apply for my us citizenship now , but my question is I've been arrested when i was 16 yrs old , because when i was working for a friend and selling little gift items on the street , and when my friend had a argument with a police about the street vender's license , i was just stand on the side , and the police just arrested both of us ,because i was just pass my 16 th birthday so i was taking to the fingerprints and the court , but the judge just sent me home because lack of communication and misunderstanding , and few days later a court house called and said the case is dismissed . my question is now when i read the n-400 form it indicate that if a person has been arrested he must supply a document about the case ,but it was 32 yrs ago and how can i get the documents , because i don't remember the date and the place i got arrest , i only remember it was in bronx county , new York and just pass my 16 birthday few weeks , so do you think i have to send them the documents and how can i get them ,from whom , or should i hire a lawyer to handle my case ?

best regards

You do not have to send it with the filing but you will need it for the interview date. You can try going to Bronx Criminal Court and seeing if they have something under your name. If that fails, you can go to 1 Police Plaza and have your prints taken and it will bring up prior arrests and then you can go to that Court and get the disposition.

Let me know if you want me to be your lawyer for the case.



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