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greetings.I am a medical doctor in the caribbean but would like to study/live/work ultimately.I have never been to the usa and in the past I had been rejected for both a tourist and student visa,as a medical student.I eventually did some training in the UK.Would it make any difference this time around if I were to apply again for a tourist visa? Or should I just forget about ever setting foot in the USA? Also do you have any idea why people like me(well-intentioned,law-abiding,honest)get rejected,and then other people who end up causing trouble get accepted?Do I need a silver tongue or something for the interview?

You can try again. Tourist visas are discretionary and if the officer has any feeling that you will overstay he can say no and there is not a lot you can do ablout it except wait and reapply. Your prior denials will be a factor in their decision but they can approve if they want. The  best way to present it, is to show proof of financial support during your trip and proof of your intention to return like having property/money in thebank/job waiting for you etc.



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