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Hi, My husband and I are Israelis, and we wish to immigrate to the US and start a new company in Fl. Usa, which will deal with Homeland Security and Defense supplies.
My husband is working in this field (over 14 years) and we curently own and operate a small company in Israel. we both hold B.A. degree.

Since we do not plan to have an American partner, and we do not wish to link it in any way to our Israeli company (that we will probably close when moving to the US)we are trying to figure out what type of visa should we consider?
and what are our chances getting a working permit and resident status?



Since Israel does not have an Investor Treay with the U.S. you can not apply for an E visa. Since you do not want to link the company there with the one here, the L visa is out and because you want your own company without a U.S. partner the H-1 visa is out.

If you have $500,000 to a million dollars to invest you may want to try the Green Card investor visa (EB-5). The visa is given on a conditional basis for a year and then the investment is reevaluated by Immigration to see that it is genuine before uncondirional permanent residence is given. You must commit the funds to the new business.


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