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Question - Yea I know he can apply.  My question was in his current situtation, do they approve visas under his conditions before?
My family has an internet friend in Egypt for over a year now.  It started with us checking out vacationing in egypt as my mother always wanted to go there. I met an internet friend from Egypt and inquired all my questions to him , and he is now internet friend with my daughter, he is 19 and she is 15.  He helped us tremendously in planning our trip to egypt and put us easy at visiting that country. Invited us to his home where his family treated us so endearing. With him helping us, he saved us atleast a thousand dollars on our trip by helping us.  We feel as he is one of our family and would like to invite him to USA for 2 weeks.  He refused months ago becuase he was in school then, but he will be out for summer break and he could go now.  He is a 3rd yr college student and if he ever gets to travel it will be now, because after 3rd year they have to do their army etc.  Im 40 yrs old, married and we have a good income.  He is student, egyptian, and no job. He does have a savings account he said with about 1000 dollars in it, but we would sponsor him.  We go to Florida every year and would like for him to come and experience usa for 2 weeks and return the favor to him.  I have no intention on taking him to raise, and he has real good morals and would never do anything illegal. We asked him to come, he did not ask us to invite him. Now my question is this, is this even worth a try. He has no job right now, just a student. His family and friends is his only tie. But im 100 percent sure he will go back should they approve him. It is just proving it to them. I will provide him a round trip ticket and show my income and my husbands to sponsor him, but i was wondering if this type visa usually gets approved. I have read u have to be rich and prove u will financially go back etc. like own a business (which he dont). etc.  We had a great time in egypt and plan on returning back in a year or two for vacation, so we can see him again, but we would really love for him to be able to come here to see america.  Any advise.?
Answer -
he can apply for a B2 tourist visa at the US Embassey.

He has to prove he has no intention on abandoning his residence in Eygpt, this doesn't mean you need to be rich.  Only that he has a home and ties to Eygpt.  He cannot have a criminal record.  He can reference you on his application for the visitor visa as a sponsor.

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