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I am starting to get confused about all this stuff from the K-1 and fiance visa thing, I am told it is so hard to get any one to usa , and we really want to marry and be together as fast as we can ,we can marry in Turkey easy ,but how will I get him from Turkey to usa then? Would it be wiser to go Fiance visa and shorter time? DO i need to be rich , because I am not ,nor is he, and I am divorced and had been a stay at home mom for last five years so I am starting over in work, and I found out that my parents can co sign for us for the last three years for job and income requirements? Does this mean i need to live with them ? I am really lost and need some answers , Should I hire a lawyer and how much would that be? Any help you can give would be great for us, I know he is not wanting a free ride to USA because he would rather me live in Turkey with him, but I can not because of my x husband will not allow me too with our son . But thanks for any and all help you can give us Rhonda

I assume you have met him and this is not just an online thing. Assuming you have, the quickest way to get him here is a fiancee visa - this will take about 4-6 months. Then he will come here and you can get married within 90 days and file for his green card. Your parents can be co-sponsors and you do not have to live with them. A lawyer would make the process smoother but it is not mandatory. For the entire process I charge a legal fee of $4000 plus expenses.



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