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Hi again... I don't think this is violation.. when someone wates for a visa to be approved or denied .. he has to wait...laywers told me while I was in usa that it's ok if I waited inside USA because my case was still in progress.. and for the consuler I think he just hates Lebanese people that's why he canceled my visitor visa and denied my application for a student visa ... I think this is not fair. I waited all this.. and tried to be legal that's why I came back to Lebanon after my visa has only one month to expire... if I want to make a violation I could have made that a long time ago.. As I told you I visited USA three times.. why they think that I'm illegal... there are millions that are now illgal , beside that they gave them the right to work...this doesn't make any sence,,,,  

It appears the lawyers your spoke to are ambulance chasers.
You cannot just 'wait' for a visa in the US unless you have authorization by CIS or a valid visa otherwise you must wait in your home country. It's not a matter of "hating Lebonese people" it is a matter of foreign nationals exploiting the Immigration Laws of the US...which there is a crackdown on going.  Foreign nationals who have felt they have a right to do what they want in the US are finding out that ICE agents are tracking them down and removing them from the US.  And you have a misconception that illegal aliens were given the right to work, they do not have the right to work nor do non-immigrants who have entered the US.  If caught, they go to jail then are deported.

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