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What legal rights would someone have if they have been legally employed for nearly ten years, but not having a work permit/visa for the last eight years?

Thank you for your question. I would need more precise details to give you a specific answer, and I am not sure what you mean by legal rights.

Assuming you are looking for an answer about status under the Immigration rules, anyone who has been legally resident for a certain number of years would be eligible for settlement. The length of time varies according to the Immigration Category of the individual (eg work permit holders - 4 years, students - 10 years, etc)

If someone is a non EU national, then they would require some form of Immigration permission (even if not a formal visa or work permit) which would give them rights to be in the UK, and may give them rights to work.

Sorry the reply is vague, if you give me more details i will try to answer more specifically.

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