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I have a friend that comes here from kazakhstan, to visit. She has a b-2 visa. She is coming in march for a few months, and she wants to work legally while she is here. What does she need to do?

In order to obtain a B2 Visitor visa, your friend agreed to the terms of the non-immigrant visa, which includes obiding by length of admission, ability to sustain themselve while visiting, have a round trip ticket, and specifically, can not be employed in the US.  Should your friend be found employed in the US with a B2 visa, she is subject to arrest and deportation.  I would suggest she apply for an H2 visa or something similar that will permit her to work in a specialized field.  Keep in mind, to work in the US an individual must have a social security number.  The black market is hot for being able to get a fraudulent social security card.  This being said, ANYONE caught using a fraudulent social security card is subject to Criminal Prosecution, spending a lengthy time in a Federal Prison, then deported, with a ban from further entry into the US.
My Advise - Your friend needs to come to the United States and enjoy being a visitor.

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