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this might be a long complicated question.  I know i will have to hire a lawyer but I want to get informed before i do.

OK...i have a friend in Brazil who wants to get a Student Visa to come to a University in the United States.
The problem is that the visa is expensive and the tuition costs for international students are outrageous.
There is a possiblity that an American business will get a type of Working Visa for my friend to come and work here in the United States.  But, they left us up to researching all that information, such as:
is there even a working visa that will allow my friend to live here?
what is it called?
how much will it cost?
IF she can get that visa, will she be able to go to the university while she works?

the good thing if she can go to school with the working visa is that she might not have to pay the International Student fees, which are outrageous.

Just as extra info.  my friend DID attent High School here in the United States...(legally of coursse)...her father had a working visa because he was a business owner, but now that visa is expired and she had to move back to Brazil and her father can no longer renew that visa.

I would really appreciate any information you can provide.

The most common visa that brings people here to work is an H-1B.  That requires that the person have a bachelor's degree so she is probably not eligible.  There are literally dozens of other visa types for seasonal workers, intercompany transfers, managers, training,  . . . the list goes on and on.  It's impossible to analyze the situation due to the number of variable.  

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