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I have a debate on the topic "Youth of Today are driven by Materialism" and I have to speak AGAINST the topic. Please help me with some points. I thought u could help with points related to your topic.....

Well, it won't be easy but my advice is to try to make five points against the premise, along the lines of:

1. Generalising that 'youth' is all motivated in the same way is just that: a generalisation, unfair and therefore inaccurate.

2. Many young people do altruistic charity work around the world (try to Google some stats for this).

3. Many young people get involved in religious groups, traditional or 'New Age' (again, try to research some stats).

4. The internet, though a material device, allows young people to interact and be creative in very non-material ways.

5. Young people's interests in music, games, films and pictures suggests that they are using material devices like iPhones and iPads but in pursuit of very non-material goals (spiritual or aesthetic pleasure).

Try that approach.


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