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hi,how does one increase creativity thanks

It depends what kind of creativity you would like to increase.

If you want to lead a more creative life, but find yourself stuck in a dull routine, there are ways you can break out and set up a lifestyle which has more creative potential. If you are in that position, let me know and I will suggest some ways forward.

If, however, you are stuck for ideas for a story or a piece of art, then there is a particular technique which can free up your 'creative juices'.

1. Think of something at random -an item or idea. For example, bananas or civil war.

2. Now think of another entirely unconnected random item or idea. For example, the Falkland Islands or parrots.

3. Now try to link these ideas together in a story or narrative of some kind which actually makes sense.

For example, tell the story of how a parrot played a key role in starting a civil war; or relate the tale of a banana's journey to Britain from the Falkland Islands.

You might have to do a little research to make the story acceptable. But in attempting to link random items or ideas your mind will have 'loosened up' creatively and you will probably find that you can think a little more creatively for a while.

Try it.

I hope this helps.


Increasing Your Creativity

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