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Hi...i m 18 female,single...i want to get rid of the feelings of possesiveness n jealousy...i m too much possesive for my best friends and i get jealous of other friends talking or taking my best friends time...i feel if my best friends are ignoring me...i am afraid the other girls will take my bestfriends away from me...i just hate loosing my bestfriends ths way...i lost 3 best friends the same way...some other girl come n my best friend be friend with her and then that girl take my best friend away from me and then my best friend tries to ignore me and this way the other girl takes my bestfriend away from me...i dont want any one taking my bestfriends ths time...i m feeling insecure this time of some girl..that girl when talk to my friend she keeps on talking and talking and my best friend find it intresting and she forgets me...whn tht girl isnt around my bestfriends tries to search for her...i feel really bad that time....n when they both meet they again start talking n i feel ignored...i told this to my best friend bt she dznt stop doing hurts me always...what shall i do...i dont want to loose my bestfriend and i dont want to get too much possesive for her...and i just hate being ignored by my bestfriend...

Hi Blue Star,

The way to hold on to anyone, including best friends, is to be  less needy and not worry about what others are doing.

If you are interesting, fun to be around, and a good friend to others everyone will want to be 'your' friend.

Start by developing other interests so you are less dependent on anyone for 'best friendship'. Be your own best friend! Paradoxically this will make you more attractive to others. No one likes needy, clingy people, which is why your friend sometimes treats you poorly. If you depend on others too much they feel pressured and uncomfortable.

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