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Hi, I'm not sure if this is an area pertaining to which you are able/ willing to gI've advice, but I thought I woukd try anyways, as you seem very wise and insightful from your past answers. I am in my early twenties and I'm married and I have a horrible body image. ( I am not, medically speaking, overweight I weigh 150 lbs/ about 70 kg) I cannot take my shirt off in front of others including my wife, needless to say, this has caused us problems. Any advice you have to make her understand how I feel woukd be great.

Hi Charles,

Not only are you not overweight, but you are probably slim judging by how much you weigh; however, as you probably know, body image is usually not about weight.

It is also interesting that your question is about how to make your wife understand, rather than how to develop a healthier self-image.

The only way to help her to understand how you feel is to communicate to her your thoughts and anxieties about your body image. Do you even know why you feel this way? If not, perhaps it's time to do some reflecting and soul-searching. The answers are different for everyone so it is important to explore your thoughts and feelings. Ultimately, it's all about communication and what it is you want her to understand. No one can do this but you because no one else knows how you feel.

All the best to you!  

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