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Dear Brenda,

I am a 23 year old male living in the United States. Over the last six months or so, for some reason I have become strangely fixated over my height. I am 5'7" which, objectively, isn't very short but in terms of media perceptions it is. Now, more and more, I feel a bit inferior, especially when I see taller women.

It's a little embarrassing that I even feel this, and I don't know where it really comes from. I feel as though throughout my life I've had inferiority-complex over different things which I overcame over time, but at age 23, this is bothering me and I want to be able to not feel inferior.

Any advice?

Hi Bilal,  
There are some things that we cannot change or as I like to say… sometimes, “It is what it is and there’s nothing that I can do about it.” This is one of those situations.  You cannot make yourself taller.  But, what you can do is grin and bear it.  There will always be someone taller.  Love begins with you.  Change what you can, and choose not to worry about what you cannot.  Focus that energy on building your strengths.  I hope this helps

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