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I am a nineteen year old female that is struggling a lot with self esteem..
I have all sorts of mental blocks and problems that seem to hold me back from what I know to be my true potential.. I really want to come out of my shell.. I notice all sorts of flaws about myself everyday.. From one of my eyes being smaller than the other, to seeing little lines in my skin, to the fact that I'm starting to gain a little weight. Also acne.. Especially the body acne I suffer from.. All of these things just really hold me back from loving myself. And right when I start to get over one thing.. I start to notice another.
What are your tips on how to better look past my flaws and see myself as beautiful? There was a time when I loved myself, and I really want to again..
Any exercise methods? Ways to reduce stress? I don't know.. Any ideas you have about how to improve my self esteem would be great!

Hi Madison, love begins with you. When we learn to love ourselves, despite our flaws, the world falls in love with us.  which is why we must deliberately cultivate inner and outer beauty on a daily basis. The truth is that everyone has flaws. Some just choose to focus on what's good about themselves and they learn to camouflage the flaws. You must also make a conscious decision to live peacefully with the flaws that you cannot change and/or work to change the flaws if you're able.Be empowered to change what you can. For example, you mentioned that you don't like the acne that's on your face well try changing your facial cleanser, wash your face more frequently, or visit a dermatologist. As far as the weight gain take a fitness class, make healthier food choices, and be conscious of your food portions. In closing, I have three assignments for you 1.) Force yourself to focus only on what's good about you. 2.) If you decide to not do anything about what you can change, don't waste Your time complaining about it and 3.) Stand in front of a mirror and focus hard enough to find the beauty because it's there. Take a look at the shape of your eyes, your smile, the color of your eyes, the shape of your nose, the shape of your lips, your skin tone, the shape of your face, and your hair texture. You are uniquely beautiful!! Just like there are many different flowers in the world but they are all uniquely beautiful, so are you. Train yourself to be able to identify and appreciate what makes Madison uniquely beautiful.You are a Designer original. Focus on what's good about you and then surround yourself with people who appreciate your unique beauty.  

Increasing Self-Esteem

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