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hi zorka,
i was out waking with my mom, when we passed by two attractive girls. my mom said hello, but they didn't respond. i figured that was the last we'll see of them. while returning home, i heard people jogging right behind us. it was the two girls again. as they jogged around us, one of them got too close for my liking. there we were side by side briefly. i took it as a rude gesture. i'm a fair size guy with a long beard. i thought she would be a little more intimidated by my appearance, resulting in not getting as close while jogging by me. this brought my self-esteem down quite a bit. if it would have been a guy or an old person, i wouldn't have minded as much. they just had to be two attractive girls who showed little respect for their elders. i just need a few pointers on how to overcome my negative thoughts. thanks very much for your time!

Hi Greg,

While I agree with you that these two girls were rude and disrespectful, I don't see why you would consider it any reflection on you.

The fact that they were so bold also suggests a rather foolish attitude on their part. Luckily, you are a nice guy, but can you imagine if you weren't? You could have easily have flattened them out, or worse!

If anything, I wouldn't worry about what they thought of you, instead they were the ones who should be concerned. They were rude, disrespectful AND not very smart!

Best regards,
Z. Hereford

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