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Zorka, my life is pretty good, but I have noticed some changesthat are affecting my self esteem a bit, and I just wanted to know whether they are a part of normal aging. I am 55, in pretty good health, I have regular checkups, only issue is  with hypertenion for which I am on meds. I watch what I eat, low fat and no 'simple' carbs, dont smoke and dont drink to much anymore.
Until recently, I have been able to keep up with my sons playing soccer and hockey, and people have said I look younger than my age.
Now I am really starting to lok and act and 'feel' old. My hair has gone from brown to fine silver, its very hard to stay in shape, and forget about keeping up with the boys now. People are calling me sir now!
I am fine with all this, just wanted your opinion.BTW, my wife, who is 60, used to look older than me, but she has not aged at all and now I look older than her!
Thanks, and happy new year!

Hi Bud,

Aging is a fact of life that none of us can escape and indeed, one that we must all accept!

You mention that you are starting to look, act and feel old. These are all situations over which you have complete control. You are as old as you act and feel, and as far as looking old, if you dress as a younger person and are fit and healthy, you will never look your age. In this regard, the saying "you are as old as you feel" will work to your advantage.

A few years ago (in his mid-eighties) after a performance in which he danced as well as ever, Dick Van Dyke was asked what his secret was to keeping moving. His answer was: "The secret to keeping moving is keeping moving." In other words, keep active and engaged in life.

I firmly believe that the secret to eternal youth is to stay sharp, active and involved. If you do, you will always be young at heart! Age is definitely a state of mind.

I hope this helps.  

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