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So I'm in middle school and every week in sports, we play a different sport. And the problem is that every single time we play a team sport like basketball or soccer, I am always picked last by a team.The only time I was picked first or close to first was when one of my friends was the captain. I know I don't seem fast or sporty to other people and I don't do ANY sports outside of school (and dont intend to) but I have several friends who are around the same skill level as me in sports but they are always picked pretty early.  And people in my class normally picks the sporty people first and their friends last. This gets me a bit upset and embarrassed cause I feel like I'm useless and not good at anything. I'm sorry if I sound too depressed here but I would like to learn some ways on feeling good about myself when if I still always get picked last.

Hi Kayla,

First of all, it's evident that playing sports is not a priority for you so it's obviously not an area where you are going to do that well. That's ok! Sporty people usually aren't that good at academics or fine arts. I wouldn't worry about it too much, unless you really want to practice more and get better at it. No one is good at everything. Maybe your overall disinterest shows and that's why people don't pick you earlier.

Secondly, you cannot let your disinterest in sports define your self-worth. There are other areas in which you can, and may want to excel. Of course, how good you want to be at anything depends upon how much work you are willing to put into it. I believe that self-worth comes from building character, self-discipline, knowledge, etc. Here also is an article on self-confidence that may help:

All the best to you!  

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