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Sir,I am from shimla.My child is in class K.G and he is of 5 years.I am very confused and tensed with his nature and behavior. He has grown up alone because he was only kid  in our family and in neighborhood. He has grown up playing with himself.Now we have shifed to small town for his education and here he feel good remaining in home and he not mixed with children in neighborhood. We tried so much to make him feel good with children but it could not worked.Advise me what can we do to make him to face people.

people skills is a part of intelligence. in your son's case, this skill has not been developed and it is not proper to force you to develop these contacts. and he is too young to understand the problem. some persons flower late and some may remain uncommunicative for long. don't worry too much; introduce him to another kid whom you know has this skill. take him to sports meet, zoo, swimming etc. let grown ups who are friendly talk to the boy. make him relaxed tell him stories about friends and how they can help etc.

if he learns some skills he will become more confident and will be able to face people. you just provide the atmosphere but do not force him to be of a particular type. when he us a little older, he can join a public speaking forum which will give him these skills.

good luck

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