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Okay, I'm 22, and I am a dance teacher. My fiance, Robert, is 25. He is from Sweden and he moved here with his parents when he was 18. We met at college and immediately hit it off and started dating. We moved in together when I was 20 and we got engaged 3 months ago, and I'm so excited. He is sweet and kind and he makes me laugh, but he has some problems with anxiety and depression. He's a graphic designer, so he works from home. Sometimes he is just fine, and he likes to go out and be social, but he'll have these days where he doesn't want to leave home because he is so depressed and anxious. It usually lasts about a week where he'll sort of hibernate and won't go anywhere. I know that a lot of his anxiety stems from how he talks. He has a thick Swedish accent and is very self conscious about it. He's easy to understand; he just says a few words wrong or forgets a word sometimes. In private or with friends, he isnít afraid to mess up the pronunciation of a word or say ďwhatís that word again?Ē but in public, he gets nervous. I can see the gears turning in his head every time he has to talk to a stranger, trying to think out the words and how to say them, and I can tell he's nervous. He says that heís afraid that people will think that heís stupid. Itís sad to me, because I love how he talks; I love that about him. It doesn't make him sound stupid at all, but he's so worried all the time. I donít know how to help him get over this. What can I do? Or how can he help himself?

for depression, the starting point where the self-drive is missing is Medicine. got to see a psychiatrist first. the basic psychology does not work well in such depressive bouts. he needs to lead an active life, eat bananas and evaluate if the depression is from family history(it usually is).

once he starts with some mild medicine, he needs to learn to self care when he starts feeling the onset of the depressive mood.

i feel that, at the present moment you cannot do much to help him out.

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