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Is there any advantages to being short?
I'm 20, 4'8" and I look like an 8 year old also I have never looked older than 11.

I stopped growing at 14 and all my friends kept growing and now they are much taller and look much older than me.

I feel out of place with my friends because I don't look half my age compared to them and my 12 year old sister is taller (at 5 Feet) and looks older than me.

Good day Victoria,

The best thing that you can do is to accept the fact that you can not change your height.  In fact, women stop growing between ages 18-21. So simply focus on the advantages of being YOUR height (eg., people will do things for you like reach up and hand  you the box of cereal and who doesn't love to be catered to?  Make a deliberate effort to change your focus and perspective especially since that is something that you cannot change.  Make your thoughts work for you and not against you.  

Best wishes,
Brenda Douglas

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