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Not sure if you can say anything to help me with this. I made a bad life decision with a move I made about 10 years ago. Since that day my mental stress has raised a little each year for how  much I hate the place I live at and where I put myself in life. It is now 10 years later and it is just unbearable at this point. I have tried to sell the home many times and also tried all kinds of things to get out, and I just cant make anything happen. I have come to a point that I feel I just have to live with this terrible painful gut feeling and bad decision for the rest of my life. I thought nothing lasts forever?  This seems to just live on and has attached itself to me. I am 50 years old and have never experienced something like this in my life. Any advice that you think might help me at least feel better would greatly be appreciated.

Hi Jerry,

Focus ONLY on what's good about living where you are (close to beltway, metro accessible, near a park, secluded, space, house not apartment, think on what made you buy this particular home) ... until things change.  Having a good perspective will help you to get through this period.  

And remember that this too shall pass. The interesting thing about trouble is that it never lasts always.  Just as the rain falls, the sun always shine again and every problem has a solution, whether we agree with the solution or not.  I don't know, perhaps renting the home out could be an option until you are able to sell it. Ten years is a substantial amount of time to live in one place but maybe your season there is over.  Be wise and avoid making decisions that will harm your credit.  Either way, everyone makes mistakes and decisions that they regret but they're necessary to teach us life lessons.

On another note, the great news is that the real estate market (all across the country) is getting better and better.  Hold your head up high and decide to have hope that the right buyer or renter will fall in love with the house.  Either way, be grateful for the experience (many have never had the privilege of buying a home) and remember that life goes on and each new day can always be better than yesterday.   

Best wishes,

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