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I am a 34 years old single guy from india. I have been suffering from bipolar disorder for the last 12 years and have been under medication for the same. I have been in and out of several jobs during this period. I work for some time somehow cannot continue and i quit. While i see people around me (esp. my friends) living a healthy and productive lives with a proper career, i seem to have no stable career. I have developed a very low self esteem as i value myself only by my success in career and life. I even feel suicidal because of this. Please advice.

sorry for the delay in answering. was out of town.
if taking medicines for 12 years has not done you any good it is high time you changed the doctor and medicine.
the only things that improves the quality of life are Regular Exercise, good diet, good company, good working skills . with the advent of neuroplasticity you can rewire your brain to make you feel better without drugs. mostly the mind works with the negative pulls and when you start towards positive thoghts, the -ves win the day. this is because of our own making and excessive use of amygdala based thinking. if we learn to swith this in the forward direction life becomes pleasant.
suggest you to read amygdala activation methods(no equipment , no drugs, just visualization), there are a large number of sites with videos devoted to rewiring the brain, the chemicals involved and how to produce them in your body.The quantum theory that an event is waiting to happen that is based on your constant thoughts

here are some tips:
if you belive in a thing, it is likely to happen. each time you feel negative, shift youir focus.
deep breathing,Drink plenty of water, take good food, no junk food, collect good wise company, walking regularly 5-10000 steps daily. this works like magic
make some good friends
you must realize that you are not your thoughts but a higher power is resident in your body and your mind is playing tricks to fool you that you are worthless. in nature, there is nothing worthless. who are you without your thoughts? suppose you meet Life head-on without your constnat mind-chatter, you are pure energy. (atoms, electrons etc)  you need to go in this direction and not to focus on your weaknesses.

you are constantly changing, your cells change, the only stubborn things that dont change in your case are your change. try changing them and see the wonders.

the happiness comes from your perception about the events and NOT the events themselves. this is true from science, religion, wisdom and practical sense.

your destiny is not your past but changed thinking from each moment
good luck

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